Casper x Carl

Darco x Primo des Bruyeres

Solo Energia x Solo Isoleta VIII

L.M. Limaal AT x Al Kharamba US



For beginners

We prefer a personal guidance to give each rider the chance to develop at his own pace.
That’s the reason why we only give private lessons.

  • Start to Ride
    We offer a special package for our beginning riders (kids and adults): Start to Ride. This package contains 5 lessons.  During the first lessons we pay special attention on the contact with the horse and care.  This lesson is followed by 4 riding lessons. The package also includes your individual recrea-license and insurance of the VLP for one year
    € 125.00

  • Private
    Private lessons with a QC pony or horse , ideal for short-term progress
    € 25/ half an hour and € 40/ hour
    € 225 per 10 lessons of 1/2hour card and € 360 per10 lessons of 1 hour 


For advanced riders

Riders who have higher ambitions, also can turn to us for private lessons at all levels. For each step we have a qualified instructor in the house.
  • Private dressage
    € 25 per half an hour and € 40 per hour

  • Promenades
    These occur in groups on one of our horses and only under supervision. Enough experience is a must.
     € 40 per hour

Carriage driving lessons

We have a long experience in driving. We offer you private driving lessons, both practice and theory.
Experienced and reliable horses are at your disposal.
€ 50 for 1 hour lesson with QC single horse and carriage
€ 75 for 1 hour lesson with QC double horse and carriage
€ 35 for 1 hour lesson with own team

Lessons with your own horse, stabled at QC Stables

€20 per ½ hour
€35 per hour

Lessons with your own horse, not stabled at QC Stables

€25 per ½ hour
€40 per hour

Lunging lessons

Would you learn how to lunge your horse properly ? We can help.
€ 20 per half hour (for pension clients) or € 25 per half hour (for external clients)