QC Stables has 30 boxes available for stabling. The stables are airy and spacious. All facilities of the complex are available to our customers.  Each customer has a lockable saddle/groom closet.

The horses can be put on prime wheat straw or shavings. They receive extra straw daily and boxes    are completely picked out once a week.
We give adapted sweet feed 3 times a day and good quality roughage twice a day.

Free choice of blacksmith and veterinarian.

There are three different stable packages, depending on the amount of times treadmill and / or paddock / meadow a week.




     price per month :

Standard Horse (2x/week outside) € 375
Standard Pony (2x/week outside) € 325
Comfort Horse (4x/week outside) € 400
Comfort Pony (4x/week outside) € 350
Professional Horse (6x/week outside) € 425
Professional Pony (6x/week outside) € 375
Optional hatch + € 25
Optional wood shavings + € 75



    Additional services

Lunging € 15
Riding and care (1h) € 30
Extra turn treadmill/paddock € 5
Deworming € 25
Clipping pony € 75
Clipping horse € 100
Blanket wash € 10
transportation services and competition guidance in consultation